Welcome here! I am Gloria Muturia Kinyua. The founder and writer of www.sexualhealthrights.com. Apart from blogging, I am a Community Development worker, a Gender and Development Studies undergraduate at the University of Nairobi. My work weaves together gender-related issues ( they are numerous, interrelated hence complex) with sexual and reproductive health and rights. This blog amalgamates ideas, creativity, imaginations, facts, knowledge, experiences, fun and an altruistic compulsion. I am a writer with an eye for photography…its so much fun to do this! Yes, I am on the right as a sexual and reproductive health and rights advocate.

Sexually transmitted diseases, sexual violation, female genital mutilation, maternal deaths, infant mortality, cancers of the reproductive organs, infertility, menstrual hygiene management, contraceptives, unwanted pregnancies, unsafe abortions, marginalized populations, stigma, discrimination, gaps and barriers- generally weak health services, financial shortfalls, low governments involvement in research advocacy and lobbying, retrogressive cultural norms and ideological oppositions among others concern me for a challenge.

I believe in humanness, gender equality, empowerment, education, accessible services and information, safe and satisfying sex, safe pregnancies, robust SRHR policies and guidelines, upholding rights of the disabled, involving men in pursuit of equality.No. it will not take 108 years to close the gender gap! I believe in changing laws and policies, investing in strong women movements and organizations…in winning minds and souls from men and women for the good of the world.

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