Welcome here! I am Glory Muturia Kinyua. The founder and writer of this blog-sexualhealthrights.com. I am a blogger, researcher, social worker, and Gender and Development undergraduate student at the University of Nairobi. My work weaves together femininity, sexualities, gender, masculinity, reproductive health and rights, and …I identify with sexual and reproductive health and rights for African women and girls.

I don’t believe in inequality, rights violation and abuse, restrictive laws and policies, maternal and infant mortality rates, sexually transmitted diseases, entranced practices/ traditions, poverty and gender stereotypes. I don’t believe in anything that makes women vulnerable.

I believe in humanness, where it is only humanly to be human to women. I believe in empowerment, education, accessible services and information, safe and satisfying sex, and pregnancy safety, governments that protect citizens, happy and healthy women. I believe in positive women who to dare to dream for the world’s welfare.